The Latest Poker Trend – Tonybet Poker’s Open Face Chinese

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About two years ago the poker industry has been blown away by the new and very exciting game – Open Face Chinese Poker. The virus first spread amongst the pros, who are in constant search for new challenges and was very fast picked up by the recreational players.

However, with the game gaining popularity, its online absence quickly became an issue for the internet-based poker generation. It wasn’t until December, 2013 that the game finally made online presence with Tonybet Poker launching the first global OFC poker app.

The online gaming company run by the notorious poker bad boy Tony G introduced the new game to the internet poker audience and very quickly found itself in success. In the first two months of the site’s existence it reported thousands of new players joining the site and hundreds playing at a time.

However, with many No-Limit Hold’em fans being unfamiliar with Open Face Chinese, the site also serves the mission of introducing the new game to the global online poker community. Tonybet Poker boasts four different game variations including Pineapple Open Face Chinese, Turbo Open Face Chinese, Classic Open Face Chinese, and the 13-card Regular Open Face Chinese.

The basic principal of the game is for every player to set up a total of three poker hands in one turn out of thirteen (in some variants even more) cards they are dealt. The three hands are divided into the bottom hand, the middle hand and the top hand.

The bottom hand consists of three cards and has to be the strongest out of the three. The middle hand also features five cards and needs to be stronger than the top hand, but weaker than the bottom hand. Finally the top hand is made out of three cards and needs to be the weakest of the three. If the player fails to follow the hand-strength rule, their hand is fouled and they lose the game.

Open Face Chinese Poker also features the point system instead of chips which are used in most of the poker variations. Every hand has its point value – the better the hand and the higher it stands in the player’s three-hand ranking, the more points it’s worth. The points are distributed among the players at the end of every round.

Would like a quick and easy Open Face Chinese Poker lesson? Check out this video by PokerNews’ Kristy Arnett and poker’s Shaun Deeb.

To play Open Face Chinese online, go to Tonybet Poker download site and enjoy the latest

888 Poker Review

888 poker blackThanks to today’s technology, you no longer need to go to a brick and mortar casino in order to enjoy a game of poker. These days, you can play poker online using your computer and an internet connection. You no longer need to collect real casino chips and then exchange them for cash. In online poker, you can withdraw your winnings with a single click and the money is transferred to your bank account. One of the most popular websites for playing poker is 888 Poker. If you want to learn more  before you start playing online poker at their website, then check out this review.


The software features a filtering system that allows you to find poker games and tournaments easily. However, it doesn’t allow you to upload your own customized avatar. Instead, you choose an avatar from various preset avatars. Sending money to other players can be easily done using the software’s interface. The 888 software also stores hand histories on the computer’s hard drive, which is a useful feature for players who utilize an HUD.

The software also features a replay button that allows you to animate the previous hand. This feature is great for watching the action that you missed while multi-tabling. 888Poker also has synchronized breaks on scheduled tournaments and multi-table SNGs. In addition, this software allows you to easily access other 888 casino games. You can play other 888 games using the funds in your 888 account.

Unlike other online casino websites, the 888Poker software is compatible with Mac OS and you can play at the 888Poker website without downloading the software to your computer. Another neat feature is that it allows you to play the Poker room and other casino games in 3D. The online poker rooms also allow users to use web cams at some of the poker tables.

888 poker tablePlayer Competition

You won’t have any problems with player competition. 888 Poker currently has one of the highest player populations in the world of online poker, so you it is very easy to find people to play with. The higher the stakes, the more skilled the competition gets. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will surely find a poker table that matches your current skills and experience.

Security and Ethics

888 has never had any big scandals in its history. Multi-accounting and colluding are taken very seriously by security when it is reported by a customer. However, unlike other major poker websites, 888 still does not use security tokens that help prevent account hacking.

Customer Support

This poker room has very good customer support. You can contact their customer support via email, live chat, or toll-free number. The 888 website also has a list of frequently asked questions that you can check out if you have a problem. The customer support representatives are very attentive to the needs of their players and they respond quickly and accurately to your problems and questions.


Customers can make deposits via Western Union, check, bank transfer, e-wallet, and credit card. The withdrawal options of 888 Poker are the same as the deposit options. You can also request a check to be sent to your address by mail. Cash outs are usually processed after a few days.


For the initial deposit, you get a 100 percent 888 poker bonus of up to $400. Your bonus is paid in increments of $10 and you have thirty days to complete it. Once completed, you will receive about 20% back on your rake paid.

They use a tiered system for rewarding its players, with 5 monthly and 2 annual VIP statuses available. Players also receive Status Points while playing online. The points are based on how much rake a player contributes for the month and/or year. The Status Points can be spent in the 888 VIP store to purchase various items including cash bonuses, 3D glasses (for 3D tables), live tournament tickets, and clothing.

888 poker websiteFlagship Tournaments

Every Sunday, 888 Poker hosts tournaments called the “$120,000 Guaranteed Mega Deep” and “$100,000 Guaranteed Sunday Challenge”. The Mega Deep tournament is a $215 poker tournament with 30-minute blinds and 10,000 in starting chips. The Sunday Challenge tournament is an $82 poker tournament with 20-minute blinds, 5,000 in starting chips, and allows players to re-buy once before the 3rd break. These poker tournaments are recommended for serious poker players due to their great structures.

Mobile Poker

If you prefer to play online poker on your mobile device, there is a mobile version of 888Poker that you can download for your iOS and/or Android devices. The mobile game client allows you to play various poker tournaments, Sit and Go games, and cash games using only your smartphone or tablet. However, the mobile client is missing some of the features of the computer version. Still, it is great for playing online poker when you are out of town and do not have access to your laptop or computer.


Overall, 888Poker offers one of the best experiences when it comes to playing online poker. The room offers good promotions for new users and rewards long-time users with Status Points. They have an impressive online poker software program with lots of useful features that make playing poker easier. The software can be played using only an internet browser or downloaded to your computer’s hard disk for easier access. The mobile app is great because it allows you to access your account and play online poker anytime you want.

The customer support is also very good and responds quickly, but the security can still be improved with security tokens in order to prevent account hacking. There are plenty of people to play with online and the weekly tournaments give you something to look forward to each week. If you are looking for a great online poker experience, then check out 888.